Attentive Equations

P1010171The Artwork of Judith Reeve

oil painter, lithographer, printer, draftsman, teacher

Fremont Center, New York



Quadrants – New Works

Quadrant Movement over Azores b

“Quadrant, Movement over the Azores” – 20″ x 22″, Oil on Linen, part of my new Quadrants series.


Current Blog Post:

Experience and Validation

Often times artists search deeply within themselves to find the very reason why they create what they create. We seem to yearn for some kind of validation that what one creates is of significance. This idea of significance is central to the artist because the artist does not just create for oneself but acts as a vehicle for the manifestation of images that are independent, to a certain extent, of the artist. Images certainly are part of the personal nature of the artist and spring from the well of his imagination, and they also speak of his time and culture. But an image also must express deeply the human condition and simultaneously tap into what is presently needed by modern man to effectively awaken him to his spiritual needs. William Blake states, “The artist is engaged in a spiritual activity whose essence consists in the precise delineation of reality, which is revealed to the visionary imagination.”  Read More… 


Pochade Landscape Paintings – available in the gallery

  • A Beautiful Morning
  • Beach Head Cape Cod
  • Cabbage Field
  • Cape Cliffs
  • Dune Cliffs, Cape Cod II
  • Dune cliffs
  • Farm Wagons
  • Head of the Meadow Cape Cod
  • Heifer Barn spring
  • Jutting Rock and Surf
  • Pleasant Valley Road
  • Pool, Plattekill
  • River Rocks
  • Rock and Reflections
  • Rocks in Shadow
  • Spring Snow
  • Surf and Rock
  • The Last of the Leaves
  • Fishing Boats, Harbor Fog
  • Firewood