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P1010171The Artwork of Judith Reeve

oil painter, lithographer, printer, draftsman, teacher

Fremont Center, New York


 Songs of Experience

Today’s Feature Image:

River Rocks, a painting by Judith Reeve

River Rocks, oil on board, 6″ x 8″

This image was the inspiration for my ‘Glimpse’ series in which I attempted to express my fascination for these rock and water spaces.


The 20 paintings of Songs of Experience:
  • A Beautiful Morning
  • Beach Head Cape Cod
  • Cabbage Field
  • Cape Cliffs
  • Dune Cliffs, Cape Cod II
  • Dune cliffs
  • Farm Wagons
  • Head of the Meadow Cape Cod
  • Heifer Barn spring
  • Jutting Rock and Surf
  • Pleasant Valley Road
  • Pool, Plattekill
  • River Rocks
  • Rock and Reflections
  • Rocks in Shadow
  • Spring Snow
  • Surf and Rock
  • The Last of the Leaves
  • Fishing Boats, Harbor Fog
  • Firewood
Artist Statement:

Songs of Experience, an exhibit of small works called ‘pochades,’ a French term that means a small, quickly executed painting done from life.

I have called my series Songs of Experience after William Blake’s poems of the same name, not because they are necessarily about Blake’s ideas, but the titled captured something I have been after lately: the dynamic immediacy of an elusive moment. These transient moments strike me with a profound sense of magnitude, yet pass so quickly that they feel dream-like. In these evocative landscapes I’m inspired to paint as I imagine Whitman would be to compose a ballad or song.

The French word for song is ‘songe’. This word means both a musical song and dream or reverie. A ‘Songe’ acts as a threshold to a new experience unfolding within the viewer. ‘Songe’  has the power to carry one to a place of exploration where those more elusive emotions, that hang on the edge of being spoken or dreamed, find a voice.  As Gaston Bachelard states it, “The imagination invents more than things and actions, it invents new life, new spirit; it opens eyes to new types of vision. It gives us a feeling of youth or youthfulness by replenishing our faculty of wonderment.” (On Poetic Imagination and Reverie,p.16)

I invite you to enjoy these songs from my experience.  Small as they are, I believe they capture a fullness that is complete.


Video: Plein air painting of Rocks and Reflections at Skinner’s Falls

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These original paintings are now available for the holidays at $85, plus shipping and handling.
(s+h: $14 lower 48 states, $20 Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, $35 International)


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