Attentive Equations

P1010171The Artwork of Judith Reeve

oil painter, lithographer, printer, draftsman, teacher

Fremont Center, New York


Plein Air Landscape Workshops

I will be teaching two workshops this summer (July 18/19 and August 15/16) at the Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts in Windham, NY in the Catskill Mountains.

“Paint on location in the Catskills with either oil or acrylic. Use a limited palette  and make effective color choices for each landscape situation. Learn to “key” a painting, achieving the light and color of the day. There will be discussion and demonstration of a ‘super-color’ as a substitute for white, the compositional technique of ‘rabatment’ and effectively laying in the masses.’  More info and registration at Sugar Maples Website or call 1(518)263-2001.

Quadrants – New Works

“Pulling Down the Clouds (Over Missoula)” – 14″ x 20″, Oil on Linen, part of my new Quadrants series.


Current Blog Post:

Delacroix’s Drawing Method

This winter I have engaged in a practice of drawing figures from memory. This ability to draw from one’s mind’s eye is a skill that was practiced by artists until the 20th century. It subsequently, has fallen out of use with, I believe, the advent of photography. In the 19th century artists engaged in both working from life or “imitative” drawing and memory drawing. The artist, Paul-Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran, in the 19th century, taught a method of memory drawing that was meant to liberate the artist from strictly working imitatively. He found that memory only retains those things that have produced an effect on the mind and the emotions.  Read More… 


Pochade Landscape Paintings – available in the gallery